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Residential was the very first area that Home Guide ventured into. Through the years, we have worked on numerous landed, condo and HDB interior design projects. We believe that every home should be personalised to suit the lifestyle and taste of home owners, while taking into consideration of functional and aesthetic concerns. Our experienced team of interior designers are able to provide our customers with professional advice that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Besides offering interior design services, Home Guide also prides itself for its very own Modular System Furniture. The main feature of Modular System Furniture lies in its customizability where users are able to arrange the individuals’ components according to their own preferences. Using the individuals’ components, we are able to create TV feature walls, bed heads, study tables and shoe cabinets of various configurations. Find out more about our Modular System Furniture, here!

Moreover, Home Guide is a HDB licensed, bizSafe Level 3 and Case Trust certified home renovation Singapore company. We will provide efficient, accurate and excellent after sales service while adhering to relevant renovation rules and regulation.