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History of HOME GUIDE

Established since 1992, Home Guide is an accomplished interior design Singapore company that has 25 years of experience and counting. Through the years, we have prided ourselves in always placing our customers first, by prioritising their lifestyle needs and individual preferences. The Singapore interior design industry has weathered many changes but the dedication and professionalism of our growing design team remains constant and steadfast. We believe in honest service, and our designers do their best to deliver at a standard that meets every customer’s expectations.

Home interior design was the very first area that Home Guide ventured into. Through the years, Home Guide has proven itself to be one of top 10 interior designers for residential projects in Singapore. Apart from residential, Home Guide has also established other subsidiaries like SORDC which specialises in commercial office design and iRetail, for retail design projects. We also have D’Grandeur, a subsidiary which caters to customers who are looking for a luxurious conceptual design consultancy for their home. The expansion of our design services has resulted in an extensive portfolio that attests to our diligence in keeping to our vision of quality design.

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Home Guide is a well-known name in the Singapore interior design industry. With our many years of experience and our expertise in different interiors, we have become an interior design company that can be trusted to give only the best to any customer. We not only strive to serve our customers well but we also aim to share our expertise with them during the designing process. Many customers are unaware of the different types of materials or design features that are available and we want to help them learn and understand more about our trade. Our approach has been very well-received, and many of our customers are introduced to us through word-of-mouth, thanks to the kind testimonies of other customers that have enjoyed and mentioned us as a recommended interior designer Singapore.  This is very encouraging for us to hear and we aim to constantly upgrade our skills and maintain our service excellence.

For interior design Singapore, homeowners tend to choose functional designs that have a lot of storage space, which is a practical choice seeing as HDB flats are getting smaller and smaller these days. However, practical designs can still look beautiful and unique. Instead of recycling our design ideas, the Home Guide design team always creates one-of-a-kind designs from scratch to suit every customer’s personality and lifestyle preferences. When a customer chooses us to create their dream home, we take our responsibility very seriously and we want to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their home design. When choosing to do interior design Singapore families like to plan ahead for their children or for elderly family members. These are concerns that Home Guide designers will take into consideration when designing the house. Communication is key here and we always have in-depth discussion with our customers to find out what they need.

As a registered interior designer Singapore, Home Guide upholds very stringent standards of safety and quality. We choose our suppliers carefully and we make sure that the correct protocol is followed at job sites. We aim to make the home renovation process for our customers as fuss-free as possible while keeping them updated and staying accountable. This means that there are many checkpoints during the renovation process where our customers can take a look at the progress of their house. We keep our services transparent and honest so that our customers know exactly what to expect from us. There are many Singapore interior design companies but Home Guide is set apart because of our level of dedication and service, as well as our craftsmanship and design. We firmly believe that our customers will be able to feel our sincerity when they enjoy our interior design Singapore services. Different homeowners look out for different qualities when they hunt for a Singapore interior design company to do up their home. It may be price point, design or service. However, Home Guide excels in all three. We want our customers to enjoy the whole design and renovation process and for them to have the feeling of creating their very own personal space. The harmonious partnership between designer and customer is what we envision for every customer that walks in through our doors. Thus, when selecting a company for interior design Singapore homeowners will not be disappointed if they decide to engage Home Guide as their personal interior designer. Visit our gorgeous showroom and enjoy a complimentary introduction to our bespoke design services when you make an appointment with us.