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As our name, Home Guide, we begin our interior design journey from residential. Through the years, we have worked on numerous residential interior design projects such as landed, condo and HDB interior design. We believe that every home should be personalised to suit the lifestyle and taste of home owners, while taking into consideration of functional and aesthetic concerns. Our experienced team of interior designers is able to provide our customers with professional advice that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As we look more into home interior design in Singapore, we realized that Singapore housing is getting more interesting yet challenging space to explore, especially HDB flats. Majority of Singaporeans are living in HDB flats – we all know how ‘big’ the space is. And we are here to make sure that everyone can have a beautiful home despite the limited space.

Besides home renovation, Home Guide also prides itself for its very own Modular System Furniture. The main feature of Modular System Furniture lies in its customizability where users are able to arrange the individuals’ components according to their own preferences. Using the individuals’ components, we are able to create TV feature walls, bed heads, study tables and shoe cabinets of various configurations. Find out more about our Modular System Furniture, here!

HomeAlive 360°

This is one of our HomeAlive 360° projects for our client at HDB at Skyline@Bukit Batok. See our other HomeAlive360° collection.

The virtual tour is best viewed on Desktop, iPad and Tablet. We are in the midst of making it compatible on mobile. Thank you for your patience.

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If you’re on this page reading this, you’re probably interested in doing home renovation! Other than HDB interior design or BTO interior design, Home Guide also specialises in condo interior design, and with the experience of our design team, you are definitely in good hands. As an established home renovation Singapore company, we are well-versed in the handling of the entire renovation process so home owners can trust us and relax while waiting for their dream home to be fully completed. We have an organised and systematic schedule that we follow in accordance to safety protocol so home owners need not worry about unnecessary delay or dangerous practices in their home.

Home is a safe space that can be deeply personal to the individuals living in it. It is a space to return to after a long day at work, a space for loved ones to gather, a space where the ups and downs in life are experienced and a space where one celebrates year after year of his or her life. As such, our design team is committed to creating a HDB interior design that will age gracefully with its owners and remain timeless. To accomplish this, we take into considerations the long term plans of each family, as well as their lifestyle preferences. All these little details are the important things that go into the creation of each and every customer’s unique home.

For residential interior design Singapore, home owners like to choose practical and low-maintenance designs that are easy to upkeep on a daily basis. Working and living in Singapore is no easy feat and the stress can really pile up. We want all our customers to truly enjoy their living space without worrying about damaging it and that is the reason why we emphasise on the lasting quality of the materials that we use. When choosing a home renovation Singapore company, many people tend to focus on price first before looking at design. At Home Guide, we offer great quality with great prices. All our designers are trained to respect and keep to the budget that their customers name, without any hard selling. We aim to make our design services as transparent and fuss-free as possible, so that our customers can feel our sincerity and passion for our work.

The interior design Singapore industry has many big and small players and it can be difficult for home owners to choose a company and a designer that they can trust to do their home renovation. Home Guide stands out in all aspects, be it design or service, and our prices are hard to beat at the quality standard that we offer. We strive to provide our customers with as much information as possible regarding details like the selection of materials and colour scheme so that they can feel personally involved in the creation of their home. By sharing information, we also hope to showcase the quality materials that we use so that customers understand the prices that are quoted. We believe in honesty and we always try to give our customers a range of choices so that they can ultimately make a decision that they are comfortable with without feeling pressured.

When choosing their home design Singapore homeowners tend to let the designer make many decisions and the renovation process is sped up but here at Home Guide, we like to involve our customers in the selection of details. While this may take a longer time, it minimises the chance of error as accountability is being kept every step of the way. There are many checkpoints during the renovation process where home owners can personally step in to check if the work done is satisfactory. So if you’re searching for a home interior design Singapore company, look no further than Home Guide! Make an appointment with us by calling or simply drop by to check out our gorgeous showroom!